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Langlois-Martin, founded in 1919, is a company specialized in creation and production of very high quality sequins. We produce flat or cup sequins, cabochons and all kinds of fantasy sequins for haute-couture, embroidery, trimmings, screen printing or interior design.



  Between 1900 and 1914 sequins' manufactures are some 70. Between the 2 world wars , some sell their business : Dannhausser, Gaydan, Korfan, Paschal, Choisy...

  In 1919 Mr Saint-Martin and Mr Langlois take over the manufacture of sequins of Charles Averseng who runned it since 1901 from the widow of A.Lesieur.

  In the Thirties, Marcel Langlois maintains alone the manufacture and goes into partnership in 1935 with Renée Martin, his sister-in-law, former « première d'atelier » at Schiaparelli. The company takes the name of Langlois-Martin.

  In 1947, André Langlois joined the company to work with his father. In 1950 Marcel Langlois passed away. The company is managed at that time by Miss Martin. They are only 10 manufactures still existing in France : Denis, Lepreux, Lazarovicci, La Marguerite, Rech, Lecoq et Riou, Alexandre Lecoq, Charvet-Mathias, Langlois-Martin.

  In 1961 is created the limited company of Langlois-Martin.. Only subsist Henri Rech, Lecoq et Riou become Seler and Langlois-Martin.

  Jean Langlois joins the company in 1971. In 1976 Langlois-Martin takes over Rech and Alexandre Lecoq. In 1977 Pierre and Anne Langlois joines their brother and their father in the manufacture.

  In 2001 Langlois-Martin purchases Seler building up with that acquisition, the biggest and unique collection of fantasy sequins with almost 5000 different patterns passed from a factory to the other. Member since 1936 of French Federation of Laces and Embroidery, the company obtains the label of "Company of living heritage" in 2007. After the deaths of their brother in 2007 and their father in 2008, Jean and Anne continue the tradition.

  In 2010 Langlois-Martin is took over by the company D.Thomas managed by Jean-Baptiste Drachkovitch, former embroiderer, unconditional admirer of Langlois-Martin label with who he is working from 20 years. Jean and Anne accompany him to transmit their know-how and work towards the continued existence of the company.

Langlois-Martin work from its creation in close collaboration with the different parisians embroiderers: François Lesage, Hurel, Montex, Cécile-Henri, Vermont, Lanel, Vernoux, Safrane-Cortambert. Through their creations, sequins and fantasy sequins from Langlois-Martin are thus present in all the collections of the biggest names of fashion in France as well in foreign countries (New-York, Londres, Milan, Rome, Tokyo...)

Since almost a century we have so the pleasure to go with all the haute-couture houses in Paris (Christian Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Schiaparelli, Jean-Louis Scherrer...) and famous contemporary names in ready to wear (Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi, Iwy Iwaya...) for collaborations always as surprising as satisfying.


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