The company

Founded in 1919, our company is specialized in creation of very high quality sequins.
We produce a unique diversity in the world of flat sequins, cup sequins 3D cabochons and fancy sequins for Haute- Couture, embroidery, serigraphy and house decoration.

100 year old, here are some important dates of our history.

  • 1900

    The sequins' manufactures are about 70 in France.

  • 1919

    Messieurs Saint-Martin et Langlois redeem the sequins' manufaccture of Averseng.

  • 1935

    Marcel Langlois associate with his sister-in-law Renée Martin. Company takes then name of Langlois-Martin.

  • 1950

    Marcel Langlois decease. His son André take the management of the company. Only 10 sequins manufactures for embroideryemain then in France.

  • 1961

    Creation of the SARL Langlois-Martin.

  • 1971

    Jean Langlois, grandson of Marcel Langlois, enter the company.

  • 1976

    The company Langlois-Martin buy two of the 3 last sequins' manufacturesr still producing in France.

  • 1977

    Pierre et Anne Langlois join the father and brother in the company.

  • 2001

    Langlois-Martin buy Seler manufacture and then form the largest collection of fancy sequins worldwide unique with about 5000 shapes transmitted from one manufacture to the other.

  • 2010

    Jean-Baptiste Drachkovitch et Pascal Bernard buy the company Langlois-Martin.

  • 2018

    Manufacture leave Parisian area and settle in Normandy.

Our Customers

Langlois-Martin works since its creation in close collaboration with the diffrent Parisian embroiderers : Lesage, Hurel, Montex, Cécile-Henri, Vermont, Lanel, Vernoux, Safrane-Cortambert… Through their creations, sequins and fancy shapes of our manufacture are so existing in all collections of the major brands of french and worldwide fashion (New-York, Londres, Milan, Rome, Tokyo…)

Since 100 years we have the pleasure to follow all Haute-Couture houses (Christian Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Schiaparelli, Jean-Louis Scherrer…) and the major contemporary names of ready to wear (Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana, Marc Jacob, Céline, Delpozo, Isaac Mizrahi, Iwy Iwaya…) in their creations always amazing.